Bubble Pop ABC Kids Game Android App Is Here!


I am ever so proud to announce the debut of the first in a series of educational children’s Android applications from Happy Girl Apps. “Bubble Pop ABC Kids Game” is, in my humble opinion, simply one of the best games you can buy for your toddler, preschool or Kindergarten-age boy or girl, since they will effortlessly learn basics like their ABCs and numbers (plus so much more!) while playing the exciting bubble games!

Just click on these links, Amazon or Google, to go to the app marketplace of your choice and download this awesome app! Or read on to discover more about the incredible benefits and value “Bubble Pop ABC” offers for the very reasonable introductory price of 99 cents for the full version. Or look for the absolutely FREE trial version here, Amazon or Google, so you can be sure they love playing it first – who doesn’t love FREE entertainment for the kiddos? (Just don’t wait too long to buy the full version, or the special introductory price may go up!)

I can’t emphasize enough how FUN it is for young kids to be able to BLOW and POP bubbles with this awesomely designed game – it is so close to the real activity of blowing bubbles! Boys and girls can actually blow on the phone, and the phone senses this input, and makes the bubble grow and leave the wand – then kids pop the bubble by touching it with their finger!

Here is the official description of the “Bubble Pop ABC Kids Game” from the Google Play market and Amazon App market:

“The best part of this educational kids game is that your children will actually play it! When you combine learning with this app’s fun bubble-popping action, children will easily master the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and so much more! The kids game begins when your child blows or taps on the wand to make the bubbles appear. Different items appear inside the bubbles, and your child is asked to find one. When he or she touches a bubble, the child is rewarded with a satisfying “pop” if it’s the correct answer. Each level of the kids game introduces new knowledge, and more bubbles with more choices, as your child is ready for them. Exciting sound effects are featured throughout the kids game, from the authentic “popping” noise of the bubbles, to the chattering of a chimpanzee and the siren of the fire truck! Key concepts like the names and symbols of letters, digits and states are repeated throughout the kids games to reinforce learning while your child happily plays with the gently floating bubbles.”

Wouldn’t it be nice to give your little one a head start on the knowledge they’ll need to succeed in school and all of life? Maybe you are a home-schooler, and your home-schooled child is ready for an introduction to the basics, or an engaging way to supplement your chosen curriculum and allow your student to enjoy practicing these early-childhood development skills. Just look at all the amazing concepts your son, daughter, or grandchild will absorb while playing Bubble Pop ABC:

Different sections of the Bubble Pop ABC app will coach your child to learn:

  • CAPITAL LETTERS: The upper case alphabet from A to Z
  • SMALL LETTERS: The lower case alphabet from A to Z
  • NUMBERS: The counting numbers or digits from 0 to 9
  • COLORS: 11 different colors, presented as beautiful chirping and cawing birds
  • SHAPES: 13 different common shapes
  • VEHICLES: 18 assorted modes of transportation, with FUN sound effects
  • ANIMALS: 22 favorites from around the world, with FUN sound effects
  • STATES: The 50 states of the United States of America

Bubble Pop ABC Games

Think about what a great value this Bubble Pop ABC app is! You are getting a lot of content for such a small price (currently a measly 99 cents if you act fast), while other apps might give you just ONE of these sections and consider it a full game.

What a great kick-off to a series of well-designed, fun-to-play kids’ games for any Android device. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the other great Bubble Pops already available through the app markets linked above, or coming soon  … Math, Geography, Nature, Music, Science, and Reading! Come browse all of the great offerings from Happy Girl Apps at our Google Play developer page, or Amazon App Market developer page.

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      • Well, my paid version is locked. I paid and it is locked still. The free version was locked and took me to pay for full version, paid, went back nothing is unlocked.

      • Well you may still be using the free version; both icons look the same. I would uninstall both versions, and then reinstall the paid version. If it is still locked, please let me know exactly which games are locked, and if you downloaded from Amazon, Google Play, or Nook, so that I can better assist you in troubleshooting your device.

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